Aspirin in the News

The articles below include news about or mention of aspirin.

Study finds regular aspirin use may reduce ovarian cancer risk

A recent study suggests that women who take aspirin daily may reduce their risk of ovarian cancer by 20%. Further research is needed before clinical recommendations can be made.

06 Feb '14 | Ovarian Cancer | USA

Nurses call for more support for nurse leadership on wards

A new report published by RCN states that some NHS ward sisters are prevented from providing ideal levels of leadership due to their own high clinical work load and the required paperwork. It also ...

02 Mar '09 | Nursing | UK

Findings explain aspirin-induced ulcers and other side-effects

High doses of aspirin can cause ulcers and temporary deafness but the biochemical mechanism responsible for these phenomena has never been deciphered. New research from Rice University in Texas off...

26 Sep '05 | Aspirin | Texas, USA

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