News: May 2013

Fish oil might delay the effects of junk food on the brain

Consumption of fish oils appears to reduce the detrimental effects of some of the processes triggered in the brain by high-fat diets including foods commonly referred to as junk food. This has been...

14 May '13 | Nutrition

Children with disabilities need and deserve inclusion

State of the Worlds Children Report 2013 - Children with disabilities should not be excluded but given the same opportunities as all other children. That includes registration at birth, health care...

30 May '13 | Child Welfare

Importance of social and emotional learning in primary schools

How important is social and emotional learning in UK primary schools ? Prof Neil Humphrey of Manchester University, England, has researched evidence from around the world and published a comprehens...

30 May '13 | Education

RNA aptamer new hope against Cervical Cancer

Medical researchers have synthesized a molecule, called an RNA aptamer, that latches onto an E7 protein, specifically the HPV16 E7 oncoprotein, that is produced early in the lifecycle of the human ...

30 May '13 | Cervical Cancer

According to Swedenborg, each angel is clothed in accordance with the kind and degree of its divine understanding.

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