News: May 2012

A persistent cough may be a sign of lung cancer

Do you know the possible symptoms of lung cancer ? Did you realise that a cough that does not go away might be a sign of lung cancer ? Did you know that a long-term painful cough might be a sign of...

01 May '12 | Lung Cancer | UK

Explain the different mechanisms of pain

Researchers have found a previously unknown mechanism through which nerve cells signal pain. This discovery could explain the limitations and inadequacies in the drug development process for painki...

14 May '12

Acupuncture can help treat lung disease

Acupuncture can help relieve breathing problems associated with chronic lung disease according to Professor George Lewith of Southampton University. He found that acupuncture can much improve the q...

17 May '12 | Lung Disease | Southampton, UK

Patients to benefit from better advice on pain control

The (UK) National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence is launching a new clinical guideline on the safe use of opioids - a family of drugs derived from the opium poppy that have been ident...

23 May '12

Effect of liver fluke infection on bovine TB testing

Recent research suggests that failure of the current bovine tuberculosis (TB) eradication programme in the UK could be partly due to a parasitic infection by liver fluke, which hinders the tests us...

24 May '12

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