News: May 2011

Drug-resistant strains of Aspergillus fungi

Some strains of Aspergillus fungi, a deadly fungal infection that can affect humans, seem to be developing resistance to current drug treatments at an alarming rate according to scientists involved...

05 May '11

HIV Vaccine Awareness Day

Trials of HIV vaccines rely on the participation of 1000s of volunteers plus community educators, health care workers and scientists. Each HIV vaccine candidate is created in the laboratory and usi...

11 May '11

International Nurses' Day

International Nurses Day is an opportunity for everyone - patients, nurses and politicians, to consider the the value of the nursing profession. International Nurses' Day was marked in the UK by th...

12 May '11 | Nursing | International

In the Old Testament Jacob dreamed of angels ascending and descending a fiery ladder (Genesis 28).

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