News: April 2008

Economic impact of gastroenteritis on the island of Ireland (safefood study)

A new study entitled The Economic Impact of Gastroenteritis on the Island of Ireland has found that the total burden of gastroenteritis on the economy for the island of Ireland is around 135M Euros...

01 Apr '08 | Gastroenteritis | Ireland

€10 million for HRB Research Centres to tackle specific health needs (Ireland)

People suffering from diabetes or obesity and vulnerable patient groups including the elderly, children, pregnant women and drug users will benefit from new research which will be conducted in two ...

03 Apr '08 | Medical Research | Ireland

NHS tackles high levels of sexually transmitted infections in Scotland (THT)

One area that the new standards aims to improve is chlamydia testing. There has been a 250% increase in diagnoses in the last 10 years with nearly 18,000 people infected in 2007. Targets for health...

10 Apr '08 | STIs | Scotland

If you use crystals to help you connect with your angels remember to cleanse the crystals regularly. Use a method appropriate for each crystal.

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