News: May 2007

Death threats, bullying and verbal abuse: the lot of a student nurse

Nearly half of student nurses surveyed by a London University have been verbally abused while on their work experience placements, according to new research being presented at the Royal College of ...

01 May '07 | Nursing | UK

New breastfeeding research challenges traditional feeding positions (RCN)

Breastfeeding newborn babies lying down or in a semi-reclined position may boost the chances of success, according to new research being unveiled at the Royal College of Nursing's 2007 Internationa...

02 May '07 | Breastfeeding

Egyptians, not Greeks, were true fathers of medicine

Researchers studying documents dating back 3,500 years have found proof that the origins of modern medicine lie in ancient Egypt rather than with Hippocrates and the ancient Greeks. The team from t...

09 May '07

Research suggests that boiling broccoli ruins its anti-cancer properties

Research suggests that the standard British cooking habit of boiling vegetables damages the anti-cancer properties of many brassica vegetables such as broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower and gre...

15 May '07 | Nutrition | Warwick, UK

Using drugs as weapons can never be safe, says BMA

A recent BMA report concludes that it is impossible to deliver the right drug in the right dose to the right individuals in a way that is both effective and does not cause significant deaths. The r...

24 May '07 | Drugs

Never worry, it blocks divine communication from Angels. Instead, be open to positive outcomes.

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