News: April 2007

Urgent appeal for funds for tsunami hit Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea

The childrens charity UNICEF has appealed for financial help to assist people affected by the devastating tsunami that swept through coastal villages on the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea las...

04 Apr '07 | Humanitarian Aid | Oceania

Food worldwide is still far too salty - Report from Warwick University

The world’s food is still far too salty and too many countries are still ignoring the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) guidelines on what should be a healthy level of salt in our daily diet commen...

06 Apr '07 | Nutrition | Worldwide

Potential use of a processed form of cannabis to counter brain cell damage after strokes

Research suggests that some mechanisms in the brain targeted by cannabis could become drugs targets to counter brain cell damage after a stroke. This study, which has been published in the journal ...

11 Apr '07 | Stroke | New Zealand

Early-stage sperm cells created from human bone marrow

13 Apr '07 | Reproduction | Newcastle

UNICEF supports Days of Peace Campaign

Children in Mindanao communities who have experienced the worst ravages of conflict will soon be reached with vital health and nutrition services as part of a new initiative called Days of Peace.

16 Apr '07 | International

Difficult births in obese women due to uterus failure (Liverpool University)

Liverpool scientists have uncovered the reason why overweight women have more Caesarean sections; they are at significant risk of their uterus contracting poorly in childbirth. In a study of 4,000 ...

18 Apr '07 | Childbirth | Liverpool, UK

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