News: September 2006

500,000 Liberian children targeted in vitamin A and deworming campaign

The Government of Liberia and UNICEF have launched campaign to administer Vitamin A supplementation and deworming tablets to more than 500,000 children. 519,000 children aged six to 59 months shoul...

05 Sep '06 | Child Welfare | Liberia

Horn of Africa countries jointly bolster drive to eradicate polio

The Horn of Africa Technical Advisory Group, which convened in Ethiopia in August 2006, stressed that the polio eradication drive is now at a critical stage, where most countries are working togeth...

09 Sep '06 | Polio | Africa

UNICEF - Japan contributes to the health of Sri Lanka's children

A step forward for the health of Sri Lanka’s children, thanks to US$2.3 million from the Japan Committee for UNICEF. The Japan Committee for UNICEF has contributed US$2.3 million to help boost chil...

12 Sep '06 | International

Spinach could protect eyes from the leading cause of blindness in the West

Health News : Spinach could protect eyes from the leading cause of blindness in the West : 25 Sep 2006

25 Sep '06 | Ophthalmology

Improving support for substance misusers in Scotland

The first set of national quality standards for substance misuse services in Scotland will be launched 27 Sept 2006. The standards were developed by a group of representatives from drug and alcohol...

27 Sep '06 | Substance misuse | Scotland

Cancer survivor Findlay Young in home straight of Great World Run

Inspiring and courageous cancer survivor Findlay Young will arrive in the UK on Saturday 30th September to complete the final leg in his quest to run 24 half marathons in 24 consecutive days. Findl...

28 Sep '06 | Thyroid Cancer

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