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Buphthalmos is an ocular condition that is also known as hydrophthalmos.

Buphthalmos is a form of glaucoma that is either present since birth (i.e. congenital) or develops in early infancy.

In the case of buphthalmos the high or increased pressure within the eye (increased intraocular pressure = glaucoma) is due to the failure of the tissues through which excess fluid would normally drain from the eye to develop normally.

Features of buphthalmos:

  • Large Eyes: The sclera (outer coat of the eyeball) of normal young children is able to stretch and expand. In the cases of those with buphthalmos, the whole eyeball increases in size as a result of the inflow of fluid that cannot drain away effectively. Unusually large eyes are therefore an important clinical feature in recognising cases of buphthalmos.
  • Another feature that may indicate buphthalmos is the presence of Haab's striae.

In most cases buphthalmos affects both eyes (i.e. it is bilateral), but the effect is not necessarily the same on each eye. For example, one eye might be slightly larger than the other even though both are larger than normal.

Buphthalmos may occur together with other congenital abnormalities elsewhere in the body.

Buphthalmos can be treated surgically such as by performing a goniotomy (which is also known as a trabeculectomy ). Untreated congenital glaucoma may lead to blindness.

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