Chloroplasts and Photosynthesis

For a labelled diagram of a chloroplast together with study notes see the main page about chloroplast structure.

The very simple information in the 3 video clips on this page has been added just for fun .
Students using these pages to help with homework or revise for exams might enjoy the following light relief - at least play the 3rd video "The Photosynthesis Song".

The first video-clip is a quick (1 min, 20 sec) reminder of the main parts of a chloroplast - including the outer membrane, inner membrane, stroma, thylakoids and grana:

The following is cute but very simple - probably too simple for exam courses, but it only takes a minute ...

The above explains that chloroplasts are important for photosynthesis, but what is photosynthesis ?
Here to explain, to remind you, or just to make you smile is ...

The Photosynthesis Song

Remember : Chloroplasts are the organelles that are the sites of photosynthesis in eukaryotic cells.
A chloroplast is an organelle (found in plant cells but not animal cells); a chloroplast is not a cell.

See also structure of a plant cell, structure of an animal cell & comparison of plant, animal and bacterial cells.

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