Date Published: 27 September 2003

Natural Energies

Tigers Eye (Heart-Shaped & Polished) Clear Quartz Sphere

In recent years there has been increasing interest in and discussion of some so-called "natural energy fields" invisible to the human eye or measurable using conventional, commonly available mechanical or electrical devices.

Much interest is concerned with proving the existence of these phenomena, and exploring their possible uses and other consequences. It is possible that such such energy fields will, in the future, be proved and investigated and put to use. Others may never be 'found' or found to be useful.

Examples of sources or locations of "Energy Fields" mentioned in some magazines, textbooks and at meetings and conferences include those around:

  • Humans (Human Energy fields, HEFs),
  • Animals and Plants,
  • Naturally derived vitamins and other food supplements,
  • Herbal, homeopathic and other health preparations,
  • Buildings and other areas - as addressed in the study and use of Feng Shui,
  • Lay-lines and geopathic stress - as sensed using dowsing techniques, and most particularly described in relation to stone circles, standing stones and other ancient sites,
  • Corn circles, also called crop circles.

There are commercial interests involved in promoting the idea of some of these "energy fields". For example, people travel great distances to view corn circles, standing stones and other ancient sites. Therefore they sometimes benefit tourism and are the subject of books sold online and in other bookshops and visitor centres.

It seems likely that the possibility of unseen energy fields will remain of interest and stimulate much research and imagination for years to come.

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