More Names of Archangels

Archangels are known by different names and in some cases just slightly different spellings of their names, in different places, languages, and traditions.

The following list of archangels includes links to pages of more information about each one. In some cases the information page describes the angel under a slightly different name by which that archangel is also known.

More about Archangels generally ...

Archangels are believed to watch over and direct many other angels, as well as to assist humanity directly (but only when we ask for help or direction, or invite their assistance).

There are many archangels. These pages include information about the most well-known.

See the individual Archangels pages for further information about particular archangels - including the colours, crystals, and topics associated with these special angels.

According to Swedenborg, each angel is clothed in accordance with the kind and degree of its divine understanding.

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